Used 2015 VolkswagenGolf R 4MOTION HB w/DCC/Nav

  • VIN: WVWLF7AU0FW222470
  • Stock: V10731A
66,085 miles
Fuel Economy
23.0/30.0 mpg City/Hwy
Exterior Color
Interior Color
HB w/DCC/Nav
2.0 L 4
Volkswagen Golf R
  • Carfax One Owner

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Kelley Blue Book -
Overall5Out of 5
  • VERY Sporty, yet still a practical car

    By VVs Grey R on Tuesday, August 21, 2018

    I love my Golf R. Purchased used with 10k miles, Ive put another 10 on it and it is holding up great. Its solid enough that Ive had no concerns taking it to a track event one weekend and then on a 300 + mile trip the next weekend. The interior quality is superb, not flashy but clearly nice, like an entry level luxury car which really makes this car feel like an even better value. After having driving a GTI for 3 years before upgrading to the R, I can say that the R is a much more solid and comfortable feeling car (when in comfort or race mode). It could have more power, like its rival the Focus RS, but it is a much nicer feeling car and a much preferable daily driver. And if you wanted to, there are aftermarket ECU tunes that supposedly dont reduce the reliability because the engine is already overbuilt that can put the car in the 370hp range for less than 1k. Awesome car. And it appears to be holding its value very well, which I am please to see. Highly recommend it.
  • This is MY perfect car

    By AtrociousDriver on Sunday, July 08, 2018

    The Mk7 Golf R is my perfect car. Whatever other comparable car I compare it against, the R always wins. After a 800-dollar ECU upgrade this car has equivalent 0-60 and 1/4 mile performance to a BMW M240 or a Porsche Cayman, which are arguably the class leaders in small to medium sports cars. Given the equipment that comes standard on the Golf R (adaptive cruise, lane assist, parking sensors, auto emergency braking, adjustable suspension, high end stereo, leather, automatic transmission, Android Auto) you are paying about 30-40 k less than those aforementioned cars similarly equipped. So the Golf R gives you high performance for a lot less money than BMW or Porsche, which covers performance and value. Im taking off 2 points for reliability because Ive had some niggles in the first year of ownership; hatch wouldnt unlatch and the lock had to be replaced once. Drivers window wont always auto up/down; thats still hit or miss today, but it always moves manually so its a minor annoyance. Android Auto is 90% reliable, but I suspect Google is as much to blame as VW. Build quality is as good as anything Ive driven for this money. Driving experience is awesome. In race mode it is quick, no wheel spin whatsoever on normal surfaces. Beats stock V8s all day. In comfort mode with adaptive cruise control, road trips in traffic become much less stressful, as well as the daily commute. Loves going round corners, I havent yet felt it over or under steer. The ride is firm without being brutal like a Focus RS. cabin noise is good considering 19 tires. Design is grown-up and unflashy. but that can be a matter of taste and might seem dull to some. Comfort and convenience; I really wanted a high performance small or medium wagon, but theyre not available in the US anymore unless you want to go 100k on an E class AMG. Hatchback is the closest I can get, and so far its fine. My kids have keft home, but I can ferry 4 adults to lunch and back in comfort. No car is perfect; I wish it was a little bigger in the back, I wish it was 100% reliable, I wish the transmission overhaul isnt going to cost 1500 in a few years, but compared to any other car the Golf R is perfect for me. Its less money than BMW, Audi or Porsche. Its more comfortable than a Focus RS, and has more standard eq. its more grown up than a Civic R, and has more standard eq. Its faster than a Mustang GT, and a lot more practical. It gets 25 mpg on average, and I push it plenty. The insurance is the same as my wifes GTI.
  • Expensive for a Golf, but a steal for what you get

    By Al on Saturday, July 18, 2015

    This car is perfect for my wife and I. We're city dwellers in our 50's who wanted a car with serious performance, yet would be easy to live with. Yes, there are faster cars built today, but seriously, it's as quick as supercars were not that long ago; and it sticks like glue to the road. When not succumbing to "my inner child" the car is as practical as any Golf. It's big on the inside with enough seat room for two adults in the back for anything shorter than a day-long trip. Put those rear seats down and you have the cavernous cargo area which Golfs are known for. The interior exudes quality--I liked it better than the interior of an Audi S3 which I test drove. And with the Dynamic Chassis Control set to "Comfort" it rides as smooth as the Audi as well. But if you put the DCC into its "Race" setting, it truly is ready to take a lap around the nearest track; even more sporty feeling than the S3. This is a car where you can have your cake and eat it too. It's also a sharp looking car; all of its lines are unified and seem to be there for a purpose. Vw has been building versions of this car for 40 years now, and that fine-honing of its basic design shows here. This latest iteration of the Golf R is lower, wider, and longer than the previous one, yet is still small enough to be a godsend when looking for parking spaces in the city. If you're looking for a car that looks like a race car, you'll be disappointed with the R, as while it has some subtle sporty design elements (bigger air openings in the grill, quad exhaust pipes, 19" wheels), it doesn't look like something with big wings on the back which a college kid would be happy squirting around town in. It looks "adult," just not a boring one. That said, I can't tell you how often I get guys in their teens and twenties taking long lusting looks at my R, some even taking pictures of it. Go figure. I can sum up owning this car best by saying that it's not just a great car which can handle the driving needs of daily life with aplomb, but it's also a car that after half a year of ownership, I still look forward to getting behind the wheel each time.

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